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Re: Starshine, PCsat etc

on 10/4/01 7:57 AM, Chris Schwab at 1schwab1@tampabay.rr.com wrote:

> By agreeing to the usage agreement, you are stating that you understand why
> Bob's team created this satellite, and agree to follow the posted rules. Can
> anything really be done if you don't follow the rules? Not really.. But
> you're violating the spirit of the agreement, and why the satellite is there
> (for low power stations).

Sure something can be done.

This is a packet based TNC.  Bob or one of the other control ops could
always load the call of those abusing the satellite into a budlist and the
TNC won't even digipeat their packets.

Grow up folks.  Terrestrial based packet networks have these kind of
restrictions.  You don't do keyboard to keyboard communication on the
digipeater backbone, etc.

Also, ever hear of such things as repeater coordination?, sub-band
agreements, etc?

Gee, what if someone said, "I am going to put up an FM repeater right at
145.9 MHz.  Who the heck cares if it's in the stupid satellite band.  This
is amateur radio.  As long as I follow the FCC regulations, I am fine.
These restrictions prevent me from experimenting."

That person would be lynched and crucified.  No one would see him as abiding
by the spirit of the rules of ham radio.  In the same way, violating the
requested usage of the satellite by the satellite's OWNER is a violation of
good amateur practice.  According to the FCC rules, anyone in violation of
good amateur practice is breaking the law.

So Mr. Vermette, if you want a satellite to do with whatever you damn well
please, then why don't you build one and pay for it yourself?

Gee, Mr. Vermette, why are you bitching and complaining because you can't
run FM on AO-40?  Gee, the restrictions prohibit you from

And I guess Mr. Vermette, if you print the agreement on your roll of toilet
paper and then sign it and then use it, you'll have ink all over your

That gives me a good laugh.  Grow up you little weasel.


Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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