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Re: Predict for DOS

>I use the latest version of predict for dos. It runs perfect under WINme in
>a DOS-box. But when I try to change the 'predict.tle' with an editor
>(deleting or renaming satellites) an error comes up after restart the
>program and entering the menue item 'M' like multisat mode.

Hi Wolf.  I ran into this same problem with the latest version (204d) under
plain DOS.  I bet you are editing the tle file to contain less than 24
For some reason 204d does not like the tle set to have less than 24
satellites in it,
or the (M)ulti-sat mode crashes.

Try filling in the tle file to contain 24 satellites,  or do what I did,
was to drop back to version 203d,  which works fine with less than 24
sats in the file.

I also recompiled my copy to show 6 satellites in the "Upcoming Passes"
part of the Multi-sat screen.


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