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RE: Starshine, PCsat etc

> > I agree - the recent launch of PCsat has similar concerns.  
> They have 
> > published a "User Agreement" that intends to stipulate 
> operating restrictions 
> > on users around the world.  It directly contradicts IARU 
> principals and the 
> > spirit of the Amateur Satellite Service and imposes demands 
> on users that 
> > limit free experimentation. ......
> >.....
> I agree.  I was very excited about the PCsat concept until I saw 
> that "agreement", which I think is an insult to all amateurs.   I 
> understand what is behind the parameters in the "agreement", but I 
> still think that it is inappropriate.

Unfortunately, it seems some people need something a bit more concrete than
"advice".  I can understand why Bob's setup the user agreement.  Time and
time again, we read the endless debates about the FM birds and those who use
excessive power, "hog" it or whatever, and you get the odd alligator on the
SSB birds (though it seems most are well aware of this one now), and in
other facets of the hobby (I'm always telling people to leave breaks and
hold the PTT before speaking on IRLP nodes or other linked systems -
something that has been emphasised in local education campaigns as well).

I think the idea of a "user agreement" does sound a bit heavy handed, but
then again, what are the alternatives to prevent things getting out of hand?
Education, in my experience only goes so far - some people just don't get
it, and maybe the bit of paper on the shack wall (preferably next to the
packet gear) might be a helpful reminder.  One difficulty we face is that
the best way to get orderly operation is to develop habits.  I have seen
this in action with IRLP down here (it helps to be the one doing all the
local presentations on the topic), and reinforcing it while on air has
helped as well.

With a satellite running packet and a widely distributed user base, that bit
of paper on the wall might be the best means of reinforcement available
(read me before transmitting :) ).
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