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AO-40 - need help please.

Howdy Y-all,

	Took a sick day today.  Fall cold I guess.  Too sick to
spread it around work, but not sick enough to lay in bed.  So
I am pulling cables and getting my AO-40 S-band system

	Here is what I (soon I hope) need help on.  I am using
NOVA 2.1o, Yaesu G-5400B, 26"x40" parabolic section dish,
and AIDC 3733 converter.

1.  I know what squint is, but I don't know how to predict it.
Seems this might be important.

2.  MA.  I know AO-40 is on at some MA, and off at some MA.
That is the sum-total of what I know about MA.

3.  I think I am going to need to learn about ALAT and ALON.
Something to do with the way the satellite faces.  How do I
predict it?

4.  Somehow, I need to let NOVA know what all of this stuff is I 
think.  I know where to add ALAT and ALON, but the rest of it???
and I seem to remember that some operators had to put this in
some strange format to get it to work.  Anyone else using NOVA?

5.  What other things do I not know that are waiting to bite me?

I would appreciate any reference to web sites that would help
get me on the road for this.  Otherwise, this could get real
disappointing real fast.

Thanks.  Y-all have a great day.

Vy73,  Mike.   KD9KC    MARS: AAV6EV

My E-mail address: mailto:kd9kc@elp.rr.com
Ham Radio page: http://www.qsl.net/kd9kc/
Gun page: http://home.elp.rr.com/elpasochl/
Dog page: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/estates/4174

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