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Re: Starshine, PCsat etc

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Timothy Vermette wrote:

> "If you accept the conditions of operation for PCsat, please sign this
> document and post it in your primary wallpaper location."
> What a crock this is. I operate under the regs in my country and my country
> only. I dont recall anywhere that I have to sign a thing to use anything..
> As long as I follow the rules I can do anything I feel like.

Since PCsat has a particular mission, jsut like all the other AMSATs' it
works best when used for what it was designed to do.

Just like you can do anything you want on UO-22, KO23, KO25, and or any
of the PACSATS, most people respect the design and only transmit PACSAT
protocol.  In fact, those satellites will not work without 100% compliance
with that protocol.

Similarly, you can do anything you want on UO14 and AO-27.  But again,
most people learn to respect the protocol on these birds.  That
protocol is: "shared voice".   No one wants to hear RTTY, Packet, SSTV, CW
or anyting  other than voice on those FM voice birds.

So, all amateur satellites have a "protocol" that they expected users to
follow.  On the PACSATS, that protocol is VERY RIGID.  You must use the
PACSAT protocol.  On the voice and some other birds the "prococol" is
more loosely defined and not written down.  THus in ham radio still, 10
years later we have constant arguments over what is the correct "protocol"
for the use of AO-27 and UO-14 we see those arguments flare up here on the
ASMAT-BB often.

With PCsat, we wanted to avoid that kind of ambiguity by stating up front
what the mission objectives were, expected power levels, and what protocol
PCsat was designed to  provide.  Thus users have guidance as to what they
can do to omptiimze the system for themseleves and everyone.  Everyone is

Notice, PCsat is fully open, it does not even require special software on
the ground like ALL OF THE PACSATS.  But because of that complete openess,
we wanted everyone to see what protocol we expected to make it fullfill
its mission for everyone.

On PACSATS, use PACSAT protocol
On voice birds, use VOICE protocol
on ISS, use packet sharingly
on PCsat, use the PCsat protocol

The statement "sign it and post it on your wall" was tongue-in-cheek
humor.  We thought most people that wanted to use the new bird would like
to know what they can do to make it a success for everyone, not just
themselves...  And take pride in working with others towards a
common goal within the spirit of HAM radio.

Hope that helps.
de WB4APR, Bob

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