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Re: Starshine, PCsat etc

On Thursday 04 October 2001 10:28, Bill Jones wrote:
>> I agree - the recent launch of PCsat has similar concerns.  They
>> have published a "User Agreement" that intends to stipulate
>> operating restrictions on users around the world.  It directly
>> contradicts IARU principals and the spirit of the Amateur Satellite
>> Service and imposes demands on users that limit free
>> experimentation. ......
> I agree.  I was very excited about the PCsat concept until I saw
> that "agreement", which I think is an insult to all amateurs.   I
> understand what is behind the parameters in the "agreement", but I
> still think that it is inappropriate.

What a load of hooey.

The builders and control team of PCSAT have set forward operating 
proecedures and rules to be observed just like any other repeater 
owner, and it's incumbant on the users of the satellite to observe 
them as a part of "good amateur practice", which is required by law in 
the US at least, if not elsewhere. 

If all amateurs were so uniformly well-behaved as to be *entitled* to 
be insulted by being informed what the sat designers deem "good 
practice", it would be a different story. But experience shows that 
some ops will go ahead and do whatever they happen to feel like at the 
time, so publishing rules that describe what "good practice" is for the 
design of this satellite *is* appropriate. 

That there's been any squawks at from people being told there *are* 
published rules demonstrates very clearly that rules are necessary to 
provide for the smooth operation of this shared resource. Acting like a 
clueless bozo who thinks he shouldn't be bound by the reasonable 
limitations of the system design doesn't rise to "free 
experimentation". Bear in mind that a bird does not become public 
domain simply because it's on orbit.  

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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