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Re: Starshine, PCsat etc

Timothy Vermette [NOCALL] wrote:
> What a crock this is. I operate under the regs in my country and my country
> only. I dont recall anywhere that I have to sign a thing to use anything..

IF your in the US, you DID sign paperwork to the effect that you would
follow ALL rules. I can't tell this
as you DID NOT include your callsign.

> As long as I follow the rules I can do anything I feel like.

And THEY have to follow the rules of their country PLUS other rules and
regulations that YOUR country and
their country signed YEARS ago that are to be followed.

> Should this be a problem with these new sats.. then they can shut them down.

Well...THEY could put a block on reception of YOUR signal and NOT
retransmit it. Which the Kantronics units
[Bob correct me if I have the wrong equipment] that Bob used in the sat
are already programmed to do easily.
The FCC gives the right to any and ALL amatuers to ask that anyone NOT
use their equipment, wether they be
repeater, digipeater, or satellite owners.

James W8ISS
Lincoln Park, MI

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