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Re: Starshine, PCsat etc

I'd have to agree with Pedro on this one - ie. Chill,

This thing isn't even close to a rule - it's a quasi-formalized suggestion written is such a way as to emphasize it's unenforcability. The part about signing it and posting it was obviously written 'tounge in cheek' since there's no way this agreement could be 'imposed' on anyone.

These are suggestions, requests from the sat operators that will facilitate it's intended use. The digipeaters have a finite capacity. The suggestions are intended to provide guidance to using a tool. The idea is to allow not only as many as possible access to the sat, but to allow smaller 'mouths' (HT's etc) access as well as the 1Kw EME stations. 

It's a suggestion. There's nothing binding, no enforcability, etc, etc.. However, this 'screw the suggestions, I'm doing things the way I do 'em anyway' kind of attitude on a large enough scale can render the finite capacity of any sat pretty much useless. Sorta like what occasionaly happens with AO-27 when folks 'break tradition' or turn into aligators. Other examples abound...

Relax, just because someone designed, built and launched a sat, dosen't mean they're going to try and tell you exactly how to operate with that sat and/or suggest how your usage may fall into it's intended role.

That's why you post your copy of this signed 'agreement' with your other wallpaper - it carries as much authority as any other piece of paper in your shack's collection...


Pedro Pérez wrote:
> Keep calm guys! I think that PCSAT team has posted these "conditions of
> operation" to work via PCSAT efficiently with the best intentions (not to
> force us to follow "strictly" a few rules).
> Just my opinion...
> Best 73s to all,
> Pedro, EB4DKA
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Timothy Vermette" <tvermette@sk.sympatico.ca>
> > I like this part..
> >
> > "If you accept the conditions of operation for PCsat, please sign this
> > document and post it in your primary wallpaper location."
> >

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