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Re: Starshine, PCsat etc

Operation of another persons equipment. does indead come under the rules of 
the IARU.  The person or group that owns that equipment has every right to 
place further restrictions on the use of the equipment.  Or radio club has 
a repeater.  The FCC rules state that you must id at the end of every 
transmission and every 10 min during the conversation.  Our club (the 
owners of the equipment) has places a further restriction on the users. To 
use the autopatch, the user must id at the beginning of the transmission. 
If this does not occur, the patch will be terminated by a control operator.

Bob has clearly stated the additional rules to use the equipment that his 
group has built and gotten placed into orbit.  If you do not like the 
additional restrictions that have been placed on you by the owners of the 
equipment, do not use the equipment.  Put your own satellite in orbit and 
use it however you want.

When you rent a car, you have certain restrictions placed on you. In some 
places yu agree to not drive on unimproved roads.  This is an additional 
restriction placed on you by the car renter.  If you do not like the terms, 
go someplace else.

This leaves better order for the people that can obey the restrictions 
placed on the use of the equipment by the owners of the equipment.  The 
restrictions are in place to create order out of caos (sp?).  Again, if you 
do not like the additional restrictions, go someplace else to play.  If you 
want to play here obey the local playground rules.


   At 05:17 AM 10/4/01 -0600, Timothy Vermette wrote:
>I like this part..
>"If you accept the conditions of operation for PCsat, please sign this
>document and post it in your primary wallpaper location."
>Yep... right on the same roll of wall paper I use to wipe myself with. :)
>What a crock this is. I operate under the regs in my country and my country
>only. I dont recall anywhere that I have to sign a thing to use anything..
>As long as I follow the rules I can do anything I feel like. Should this be
>a problem with these new sats.. then they can shut them down. Geeze this
>sounds almost as bad as that swatch crap from years past.
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> > >
> > >  As any satellite transmitting on ham frequencies, STARSHINE 3 certainly
> > >  works in accordance with the following rule:
> > >  "Plain Language. The amateur-satellite service, by its nature, involves
> > >  stations of more than one country. International communication between
> > >  amateur stations in different countries must be in plain language. [See
> > >  S25.2.] The plain language requirement includes telemetry and data
> > exchanged
> > >  between users.
> > >  To meet the plain language requirement, technical descriptions of all
> > >  emissions, codes, and formats must be made publicly available."
> > >
> > http://www.iaru.org/satellite/prospective.html
> > >
> > >
> > >  Cheers
> > >
> > >  Jean-Louis F6AGR
> >
> > I agree - the recent launch of PCsat has similar concerns.  They have
> > published a "User Agreement" that intends to stipulate operating
> > on users around the world.  It directly contradicts IARU principals and
> > spirit of the Amateur Satellite Service and imposes demands on users that
> > limit free experimentation.  It is unenforceable, yet many hams have no
> > understanding of its authority.
> >
> > I hesitate to bring this issue out in the open, but cannot sit idly by and
> > watch public tax dollars be thrown away without appropriate scrutiny.
> >
> > 73's
> > Ray - WB3ABN
> > Kingston, WA
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