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Digital Satillite Equipment

I would like to know what equipment is being used for the digital 
satellites.  Software, tnc, transceiver, antennas, rotators and hardware 
interfaces for automatic tracking.  Should I be looking at 9600 bps 
only?  Or should I be looking at 1200 bps and 38400 bps or PSK also.  I 
would like to know what combination of equipment seems to work best. It 
looks like what is good for AO-40 is not really suitable for the digital 
low altitude satellites.  I would like to set up a station right the 
first time for the digital birds.  Are there any web sites that I can go 
to that have this information?  I am looking at the AMSAT files for 
information too.  I want to know what other ham's are using and how well 
  there equipment is working.

Bob W7CTW  AMSAT 21409

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