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Re: Optical Tracking?

It moves through say 90 degrees of arc in about 2  minutes maybe...
You should see it witn binoculars, so a viewfinder would work better.


On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Louis A. Mamakos wrote:

> Bob,
> I've got a a telescope mount with great positioning accuracy (on the
> order of 10 arc minutes or so).  What would be helpful is a back-of-the
> envelope computation of what the apparent motion of the satellite is,
> say within a 1 degree field of view, and if we'd be likely to see
> enough blinks during that time to get meaningful measurements.   So,
> we could part our telescope on a part of the sky, and wait for PCsat
> to fly through the field, rather than trying to actively track it.
> I don't recall what the computed apparent magnitude was likely to be; but
> I suspect that with my 6" f/7 refractor, I ought to be able to see it.
> Visually, even in my light polluted area, I can go to at least mag 9 or
> better.
> Alternatively, if the apparent motion is small enough, I should be able
> to do a long-exposure CCD integration and see the light come and go.
> Working backwards, the blinking rate should be computable.  Even with
> a 70mm f/6.8 scope, giving a much larger field of view, I suspect the
> CCD camera would be able to image the beacon blinking on and off.
> I'd be interested in trying something like this, please let me know
> if you continue to pursue this approach.
> louie
> wa3ymh

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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