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Optical Tracking?

Does anyone on AMSAT have a satellite tracking telescope? (High optical
power not required).

PCsat was designed to use off-the shelf TNC and no PC, so we have many
limitations.  There are two things making it difficult to determine
our spin rate.

1) We only get one data point per solar panel every 4o seconds.
2) We have no on-board storage for whole orbit data.

Thus we are Nyquist limited in gestimating our spin rate and dont have
enough continuous data to guess at all the aliased spin rates that could
match...  The easy approach, however, is to simply turn on our "tail
light" and look for it.  PCsat has 80 RED LED's on one corner that we can
turn on (briefly).

We will not be able to perform this experiment for about a month until
PCsat is over the USA during darkness, but we want to be making a list of
stations that may have some luck at seeing us...


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