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PCsat reset today due to its "72" hour fail-safe timer.  You can tell when
it resets because the LTx buffers go back to "Defaults" and the Beacontext
goes back to "US Naval Aacademy Prototype COmunications Satellite

We noticed this during our 1230z 3 October pass, and think the timeout may
have been sometime within a few hours prior to that.  We had initially set
the timer on 30 Sept at 1220z, but it is an RC oscillator and we never had
72 hours of free time on the ground to ever calibrate its actual run
time... before launch..

So if anyone has an EARLIER time of seeing the "Default LTx" packets or
the BText above this morning, then let us know the time so we can
calibrate our reset timer...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

PCsat Design        http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/pcsat.html

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