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Re: PCSAT TLM e software

On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, andrea bonaiuto wrote:

> I have also put my data in the PCSAT-TLM decode software by Bob Bruninga
> and work fine in Replay mode.I would like to have more informations
> about the Graphic screen in the software like the +/- X,Z,Y, in the
> cube faces and U/V connect link in the right of the screen, maybe
> they are the crossed TNC with the RTX ?

THe UV (Ultraviolet) Passive-Release experiment was just a 1mm wide piece
of polypropelene string with a spring under 2 Kg tension.  We wanted to
see how long it took for the SUn's UV to break the string.  We have 10
identical samples in the sun in Arizona..  Problem is, when we opened the
launch faring for the final battery charge, we noticed the string had
already broken.  But interestingly enought, none of the 10 samples in the
sun in Arizona have broken yet, so we suspect someone bumped or touched
the string during the 1 month that PCsat sat on the launch integration

So my crude graphics screen, the "uv" is supposed to show a "tight string"
or a "broken string..."

The solar sides view is obvioius.  THe other two boxes are the top and
side view of the satelite showing temperatures of all modules.  THe square
with the +/-X,Y is the top view, and the unlabeled "stack" is the -y view.


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