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PCSAT TLM e software

Hi all,

after post the rigth Keps on my software finally the PCSAT
signal was detected by be.Very STRONG , on my IC-820H was 9+20 and
9+ without preamp.Very clear and in bakground at 1200 baud packet
I can listen 9600 baud signal, maybe is the Starshine sat ??          In the 
second pass I have seen LX2GF disconnected from PCSAT TNC and
many message in the beacon test, time of this report is local time
and I have cut the TLM trame because is too long.
I have also put my data in the PCSAT-TLM decode software by Bob Bruninga
and work fine in Replay mode.I would like to have more informations
about the Graphic screen in the software like the +/- X,Z,Y, in the
cube faces and U/V connect link in the right of the screen, maybe
they are the crossed TNC with the RTX ?
Thank you Bob for explain and good Job.

Andrea IT9GSV

18:52:16R W3ADO-1>LX2GF <DISC C P>
18:52:27R W3ADO-1>BEACON,SGATE <UI Len=42>:
[...] cut by me
18:53:22R W3ADO-1>BEACON,SGATE <UI Len=58>:
 >302106z Sysop test no users please during on-orbit tests
[...] cut by me
:BLN2PCSAT:Spcl thanks to the worldwide launch monitoring team!
18:53:36R W3ADO-1>ID,SGATE <UI Len=27>:
[...] cut by me
 >302106z Sysop test no users please during on-orbit tests
18:55:15R W3ADO-1>APRS1 <UI Len=76>:
:BLN1PCSAT:SYSOP tests in progress. Thanks for holding off your uplinks
[...] cut by me
18:56:03R W3ADO-1>APRS4 <UI Len=76>:
:BLN4PCSAT:Format of a Bulletin is designed to match TH-D7 display.
18:56:07R W3ADO-1>BEACON,SGATE <UI Len=42>:
[...] cut by me
18:57:50R W3ADO-1>APRS3 <UI Len=76>:
:BLN3PCSAT:We will be  testing GPS thru 3 Oct. All else is working Great
18:59:33R W3ADO-1>APRS2 <UI Len=76>:
:BLN2PCSAT:Spcl thanks to the worldwide launch monitoring team!

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