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Auroral effects, RS12/13?


With the recent solar flare activity and associated particle storms, the
aurora has been very active. With that said, it's interesting to note what
seems like auroral effects on the 10 meter downlink aboard RS12/13.

While calling CQ ( cw mode ) during a late night pass, ( 03:15 Z ) as the
bird was above an active aruora, I could hear what sounded like the
distorted effects of a signal passing through the aurora, but not the usual
raspy signature of a 6 meter signal being refracted from the same. As the
satellite passed below the auroral zone, the morse note became normal.

I remember someone saying that the distorted signal we sometimes hear from
RS12/13 had something to do with other problems aboard this bird, but it
seems to me that under these circumstances, the aurora may play a part here.
If so, I'm curious to know if the auroral effects are on the 2m uplink or
the 10m downlink, or both?

Aurora activity level during the pass - 7 ( as per NOAA's POES satellite )

Any suggestions?

73, Tony

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