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Keyed transmitter on ao40 435.630 145.825 tests

[transmittter hunt time]

The last few nights there's been a transmitter keyed on
435.630 (uplink frq)

keyed up
09/30/01 21.59.32 cst.   435.636234 zerobeat here
ranging at 9.42 elset 115 r=29537mi 29058 by rng
cst on 9/30/01 utc-5
22.03.14 435.636180 -12723 r 30813
22.06.45 435.636138 -13368 r 30214
22.11.45 435.636086 -13200 r 31255
22.17.35 435.636018 -12941 r 31578
22.24.31 435.635969 -11850 r 31976
09/30/01 k7wb/ kx7u ? kn
22.28.04 435.635966 -11725 r 32154
22.33.48 435.635895 -11481 r 32460
22.20.57 r 31386 d .337 * set115 31782
22.20.57 r 31293 d .336r

still there tonight
0.00.12 cst 435.633073 dop 2992 here frq at sat 435.630081
0.11.49 cst 435.632879 dop 3376 here frq at sat 435.629503
0.26.47 cst 435.632869 dop 3881 here frq at sat 435.628988

So knowing the freq at the satellite one could draw arcs where the
transmitter is
given enough time-frequency measurements ( probably the transmitter is
stable by now
its been on for days, but there is an odd step in freq like a fan comes on
and cools it.
nc2o calling cq near this carrier,  also k8ryu was zerobeating it calling

Uh Oh sweep ditters found it. Also please note its strong enough to trip
Leila if
two carriers come up near this dead key guy.....

This isnt really noticable at all at the start of my pass at 91 west...and
much stronger as it passes 136 west so thats where this uplink is pointed.
Would be nice to catch when it rises but its too weak. There is some
FM activity on 435.625 and 435.650 heard some of that tonight, but not
signal to demod.

145.825 copy packets from w3ado-1 aprs3 , beacon Sgate sysop test no users
That was on 1200 packet.. at 17:26cst 10/1/2001. Did not listen on the aprs
frq too many local users.
Exactly how much power is w3ado running? Must be lots.

Just a wild guess if it is tuned to .630 at this ground station it crossed 0
when the sat is passing nw can N of hawaii or perhaps the west coast.
It doesnt get strong til it passes latitude 130-140 west like thats where it
got left.

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