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Re: PCSAT - some telemetry data for you ...

On Sun, 30 Sep 2001, Maiko Langelaar wrote from Winnipeg:

>  R0:19 04:08 W3ADO-1/SGATE>APRS>UI,R,F0:
>  $GPGGA,210745.80,3858.9514,N,07629.3200,W,0,00,0.0,-40.7,M,0.0,M,,*58

> the above when Winnipeg was technically on the fringe of the PCSAT
> ring of vision.  At the time, it looked like PCSAT was already
> in the Atlantic just north east of Bermuda.

GPS is ON for one orbit, but we dont think we got a good TLE upload, so
GPS is searching the sky (at 17,500 MPH too).  So that posit was the
position of our parking lot the last time the GPS was on over 2 months
ago.  Notice the field after the "W" shows no satelites.  "0".

But we did get data confirming that it remembers the approximate time.
Fingers crossed.  We will try once again on next pass to upload TLE's
then shut it down on the next, our last, orbit of the day.

Thanks for the data!

de WB4APR, Bob

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