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PCsat Telemetry decoding software

Thank you all for your great TLM files!

I just posted a pre-release version of PCSATLM0.EXE.  This is a simple dos
program that can replay a text log file to display the telemetry.

It is a crude system.  I dont have any time to explain it or help you with
it, and I dont recommend using it real time, because if you are in
keyboard mode, it IGNORES all logging and displaying!

So I only post it so that you can replay your ASCII log files through it
to see the graphical displays.  ALso it is wirtten for the basic TAPR-2
style TNC format, and works OK.  But it has NOT been tested with any of
the dozens of other TNC's and I can guarantee  you that it will not work
with most text files.  But if you edit a file into the tapr-2 typical
format it should work?

Please accept this as a work in progress.  Do not bother me with bug
reports.  It aint ready.  But if you wanna give it a try.  here  it is:


Run it in a DOS window.

In a few weeks after the smoke clears, I will hopefully have a releasable

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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