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9600 baud

IGates throughout North America are automatically feeding downlink 1200
baud Data on 144.39 from PCSAT-11 to the APRS internet system.  Thank You!
Thus, we need no Email reports from PCSAT-11 in the USA.  Thanks.

We do still need active IGates monitoring 145.825 downlink and
injecting those packets.  Also, if there is no other APRS activity
within 1000 miles of your station, then we would appreciate any Email
of any 1200 baud packts captured on 145.825 only .

Please NO USER UPLINKS until we finish initial checkout in 2 weeks.

SPECIAL NOTE about 9600 baud: If we get far enough along in testing today,
the next passes after 1800z over the USA we may try to turn on the GPS.
THe test downlink will be on 144.39 at 9600 baud once every 30 seconds.

None of the existing permanent 144.39 igates are set for 9600 baud.
THus we will appreciate anyone that mans their IGates live to switch to
9600 baud if possible on those passes and or, to log any 9600 baud data
and Email it to us.

1) Please stay off ALL uplinks.
2) IGate 145.825 1200 baud data to the internet.  DISABLE ANY/ALL UPLINKS
3) Email any 145.825 1200 data from remote countries (not USA/Europe)
4) 1800-2400z, capture and email all 9600 baud downlinks (GPS) on 144.39

The GPS data is not standard APRS or NMEA at this point.  It is all
numeric data to help us get the GPS initialized.  Do not expect to see
any APRS positions.


de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

PCsat Design        http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/pcsat.html

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