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Barbecue dish quality?

Just received one of the "barbecue grille" reflectors from a source I won't
identify at this time.  The shipping box was a bit smashed and on
inspection, it was clear that the dish was "warped".  By that, I mean that
if you lay the dish face down on a flat surface, three corners are flat on
the ground and one is 2" off the ground.  Hard to say whether this was from
shipping, or if it was just made that way.  The seller says it's normal for
one corner to be around 1" off and that it's no big deal.  The fact is, the
grilles on my outdoor barbecue are much better made, and are not warped at
all.  So the question is, is this what I should have expected and will it
make little or no difference in performance?

Measuring from the center of the 4 sides of the dish to the edge of the
reflector plate on the feed assembly shows less than 1/8 inch of variation.
Pretty good, I'd guess.  Measuring from a point about 1/2 way from the
center to the corners, I see a variation on the order of 5/8" to the edge of
the reflector plate.  Is this acceptable and will that much surface error
make a difference in gain at 2.4 GHz?

Floyd Sense - Angier, NC

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