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New Keps for PCSat?


The Keps that are listed even when adjusting the time to match the 
correct date, move the separation well east of where you show on your 
map.  I suspect this is due to the axis rotation of the earth over 
the same period of time or some other factor.  Those keps are 
probably 2 weeks old now.

Any chance of getting a refreshed set?  

BTW, my fingers are crossed for you.  And yes, I got the keps loaded 
in Nova and working correctly.  Have been adjusting the epoch time to 
match the date, not sure sure how to deal with the 30 min offset now 
from what was anticipated, but I was matching your track until I 
moved the set on your webpage up to todays date, not the sep is east 
of where you show it.


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