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Leila & Pave Paws


I have been reading with interest this discuss and I thought I would put my 
2 cents in. Having the honor of having Beale Air Force Base in our backyard 
and observing the effects of Pave Paws on our UHF repeaters and dedicated 
point to point 439 MHz links for 12 years, the interaction is quite 

On our 439 MHz links we have to get 10 to 15 micro volts of signal to 
saturate the receiver enough to make the pulses slip into the background. 
Even with that much signal you can still detect the noise on an un 
modulated carrier. These receivers are located at 2500' asl  45 miles SW of 

Last night on 9-27-01 on AO40 I ran some test to detect the pulses. First I 
found myself on the bird. Then on the uplink 439.600 I ran a test at my 
house ( 35 mile S of Beale). With a weak signal to my 439.600 receiver in 
the FM mode, I could easily detect the pulse signal strength and pattern. 
Then on 439.600 I transmitted a carrier to AO40 and listen to my un 
modulated signal on the downlink with receiver also in FM. The downlink 
carrier was 2 s units above the noise floor. I could detect these same 
pulse patterns as when listening to Beale direct. AO40 was 180 degrees of 
Sacramento at an elevation of 50 degrees.

If anyone is interested I could make a recording of this and put a MP3 file 
on a URL.

Chris N6ICW



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