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RE: New TRK version, now with X presentation

> Hi,
> trk satellite tracking program is close to its maturity, many 
> features has
> been added, mostly an X footprint presentation.
> TRK is on the same place
>          www.qsl.net/ik5nax/trk-0.4.0.tgz

A compilation note:

On my first attempt to compile trk, the compiler complained about not being
able to find the X11 libs.  On looking at the Makefile, I noticed that make
was looking for the libraries in /usr/X11/lib, but on my (Red Hat 6.2)
system here, the X11 libraries live in /usr/X11R6/lib.  Adding a symbolic
link fixed the problem for me.

Looks fairly simple to setup, and looking forward to making it work on the
web (time to dust off my CGI programming skills :) ).  Should be able to
make it all form driven and easy to use.
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