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Re: YAESU G5400 Lessons Learned

Ironically, the Radio Shack azimuth rotors have no limit switches,
and when they reach the end of travel the motor simply stalls.
But the motor's current draw only increases 10% or so when this happens,
thanks to the general wimpiness of the motor windings and the transformer...


At 08:13 PM 9/27/01 , Jim Sanford wrote:
>Ladies and Gents:
>In several private discussions on these things, I've been asked to
>publicly post the following:
>The G5400 system suffers from some design problems.  Specifically, a
>"stall" of the elevation rotor can take out the motor, power
>transformer, and THEN the fuse.  It happened to me, and to 2 others that
>I personally know of.
>Here's why it happens:  The control box is over fused.  The elevation
>rotor has no overload protection.  The limit switches prevent it from
>grinding into a stop, but if it is overtorqued because a pine tree grows
>into the path of your 2m antenna, there is no protection.

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