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AO40 equipment for a Beijing radio club?

It looks like I will be traveling to Beijing again in October, staying for 3
or 4 weeks.

I know that a university ham club in Beijing was somewhat active on AO-13.
Does anybody know the name of the club and/or a contact name?  Preferably
with an email address.  I would like to contact them before I go to see if I
could bring them any small items help get them QRV on AO40.

I have a spare TranSystem downconverter and power inserter that I could
donate.  On the downconverter I've cut the stub, added the K5GNA filter
board, and added a 60C PTC thermistor.  The club in Beijing may not have 123
MHz receive capability, so I should swap the crystal to move the IF to 144
MHz.  Does anybody have a spare crystal that they could donate to the cause?

I don't think I could carry a dish with me to Beijing.  Hopefully the club
in Beijing can scrounge a dish from somewhere.  In case they can't find a
dish, I could hand-carry a helix which would at least allow them to hear the
beacon and perhaps make CW contacts.  Does anybody have a known-good 2401
MHz helix antenna to donate to the cause?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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