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New TRK version, now with X presentation (fwd)

trk satellite tracking program is close to its maturity, many features has
been added, mostly an X footprint presentation.

TRK is on the same place

			TRK - Satellite Tracking Program

TRK has been written to have a tracking program running under GNU/Linux similar
to Instant Track, one of the most easy to use program for this purpose but 
running under DOS.

With version 0.4.0 trk has all the functionality I need: it drive antenna 
rotor, can be used in batch mode, footprint presentation is available under X,
data is presented in various format.
Minor bugs still persist.
Now I need to know if my needings are the one of other users, so let me know
what you think about so a non beta version could be released soon.

With version 0.4.0 trk should have all the functionality it was thinked for. 
But if you find something wrong or lack please inform me, so that the next
release could be a 1.x.x, and the code will reach it maturity.

So I need your help to find error, bugs, to know what is more urgent
and what isn't usefull at all. So write me and let me know what you think
about trk at:

        Lapo Pieri  (IK5NAX)

        Home address: via A. dei Corbizi 9  I-50127 Firenze Italy
        Phone: +39 055 410209
        e-mail: ik5nax@amsat.org
        packet radio: ik5nax@ik5skv.#fi.itos.ita.eu
        website: www.qsl.net/ik5nax
If you want to make your own mods, feel free to do it as in every GNU-GPL;
I'd like to know about mods, so write me. Comments in source now are in 

Have fun!

Lapo Pieri IK5NAX

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