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LEILA suggestion

A suggestion to complete LEILA's role as our rogue-uplink shield...

The idea is to preserve the transponder's downlink power budget by
keeping strong stations from monopolizing it.  The way it works is
that an overly strong station gets warned by LEILA's warbling tones.
Hearing the tones, the operator backs off on the power, removing
the warbles and the notch filter.

The problem is that a non-ham uplink is not likely to be controlled
by a person listening on the downlink.  If the signal continues,
so does LEILA's warbles, even after the notch is applied.  The notch
helps save the transponder power, but the warbles do not.  They take
power too.

How about we have LEILA do it's warning tones, apply the notch,
and then either turn off the tones, or scale them back to an
occasional beep (just to let us know that the corresponding uplink
is aimed at a black hole)?  That will help preserve all of the
transponder's power for our communications.

Shields up!

Greg  KO6TH

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