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Re: Activity on AO-40

Hello Guys.  The activity seems to have fallen off
since Sep-11. There were alot more station on, I have
been trying to listen to every pass here. These are my
totals so far.
231 Qso's, 143 Stations, 32 States, 28 Country,
110 Gridsq's

Hopefully as the passes get earlier more stations will
get back on.

GL 73 for now..

de AL(WC9C) EM69

>From: Mike73@aol.com
>In a message dated 9/25/01 1:08:48 PM Eastern
Daylight Time, dj1km@dj1km.de 
>> W1BFN told me that he has worked a total of approx.
50 US stations.
>>  I told him that my score of German stations has
increased to 65 in the
>>  meantime.
>>  Who can beat the score of W1BFN? Who has worked
more US stations?
>I haven't had nearly as much time as I'd like to work
AO-40, but in the 5 
>times I been able to sit behind the rig I've worked
39 stations. On 10 of 
>these either myself or both stations were operating
with Mode L uplinks. 
>Countries include Canada, Germany, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Israel, Hungary, 
>Italy and the US.
>I hope as the wx gets cooler I'll get to spend more
time in the shack.
>Mike, N1JEZ
>AMS AT #29649
>Local Area Coordinator
>"A closed mouth gathers no feet."


Well I cannot beat it but I checked to see what I have
with the short
amount of operating so far:
17 states incl. Alaska (three) and Hawaii ...probably
more but haven't
looked up some in QRZ.
5 countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and
Hong Kong
40 initials total

No Europe, South America? yet.

no more e-mail til after Atlanta...leaving for San
Jose in couple hours.


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