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G-5400 Rotor

With help from VE4VZ Rolf and VE4SET Chris, my rotor is up and
running.Unable to find problem in control box ,I decided to take rotor
off mast and check system out on bench.The motor could be heard running
, but nothing was happening (the rotor was not turning) .After a brief
struggle,  the rotor case was taken apart. It then became apparent that
although the motor was in fact running,  the nylon gear mounted on the
end of the motor shaft was not.The shaft was turning freely inside the
gear collar.Yes for all those that have had this type of rotor apart and
know the answer it was .......the set screw. After repositioning the
gear inorder that the set screw would contact the flat surface of the
motor shaft it was tightened securely.The rotor was reconnected to
controller and "Shazzzzzam " it worked.

    Thanks again for all the help.hope to catch  you on the birds soon !

73's  Gerry VE4GTB

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