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Houston Amsat Net on IRLP tonight


We'll we've decided to try it again.  The Houston AMSAT NET will be on
Reflector 0 starting at 8:00pm CDT in the US, or 0100z.  We will be doing
things a little different this time from a check in standpoint.  I'd like to
conduct this more like the International Net.  So, it will work as follows.
I hope you will bear with us as we conduct operations in this manner.  I'm
not going to designate LNC, so please be responsible and someone on each
node act as LNC and take your local check ins.

00:30 UTC
Local Net Control (LNC) takes local check ins on their respective repeater
systems before bringing the
reflector online. This saves time while the reflector is up and reduces the
need for repeats. LNC’s should
have a preamble for the local portion to explain how the net is conducted
and that if possible stations
should remain on frequency when the reflector is up. Other issues such as
making use of pauses before
speaking will ensure transmissions are heard.

00:45 UTC
LNC stations bring their repeater onto the reflector. At this time, check in
with Central Net Control (CNC)
so we know who is on the system and waiting. If you are unsure who is CNC,
then wait for a few moments
as CNC stations will “beacon” their callsign as waiting for LNC stations to
check in.
The IRLP status page can be helpful for CNC to determine online nodes
however not all stations that
conduct the nets are able to monitor this page all the time.

01:00 UTC (Sharp)
The AMSAT Net will start, check ins will not be taken after the net starts.

The reason we will not allow check ins after the net starts is because of
the time interval allowed for the uplink to the C-Band satellite.  Depending
upon News and information, the Net usually occupies the entire 50-55min

The format of this net is an Information broadcast about Amateur satellites.
News information will be provided and so will operating status of the
current fleet.  This is a one-way type net with no traditional traffic
passing.  As the net starts, you will hear the local check ins off the
Houston area repeaters followed by the News and information section of the
broadcast.  If you are Internet active, you can also join us on IRC by using
MIRC or some other IRC client and connecting to us.chatnet.org.  Then join
chat group #amsat.

I hope you will join us and as always provide feedback if necessary to
myself (ne1h@amsat.org) or Bruce (kk5do@amsat.org)

Thanks and I look forward to see you on the air.  I will be on reflector 0
starting at 00:30z for LNC's to start checking in their local users.

Alan - NE1H
Node #456 - Atlanta, GA

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