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Re: "spontaneous" LEILA activation

Wayne Estes wrote:

> I frequently hear unexplainable LEILA sirens in the vicinity of 2401.400 MHz
> where there is hardly ever any transponder activity.  Once this weekend I
> was tuning across the transponder and heard the LEILA siren go nonstop for
> more than 90 seconds.  I don't know how long the siren was going before I
> stumbled onto it.  When I hear "spontaneous" LEILA sirens I verify that my
> uplink signal is notched, just to ensure that nobody is uplinking a
> recording of the LEILA siren.

Beats me.   I have heard that many times (and not just recently).  A few minutes ago I was
calling CQ intermittantly, and just before I made a call, LEILA lit off and ran for 21 seconds
(according to my clock), and there had been nothing there before she started.
As to long runs of LIELA, I have seen that too.  I don't have a problem with LEILA jumping on
me, and I stop transmitting right away, but frequently notice that LEILA will continue for as
much as 45 seconds.  I have also verified that it's really LEILA by verifying the notch.

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