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Re: IC-910 your comments please

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From: "Phil Howe" <phil@bluedolphinvillas.com>
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Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 12:11 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] IC-910 your comments please

> Hi and thank you for reading this.
> I am considering upgrading my old, but much loved Yaesu
FT-736 with the new
> IC-910.
> If you own or have used a 910 with any of our satellites, I
would very much
> appreciate your comments on its performance.
> I have read reports indicating that there have been problems
with stability
> within the early units, namely those with a low serial
> Has this been your experience?
> Any comments / observations would be welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Phil
> Amsat-UK 4828

Hello Phil:

I had owned an FT736R for several years before buying an
IC-910H at Dayton this year.  I was torn between the TS-2000
and the IC-910H to use as a satellite radio.  Since I already
had an OMNI VI for HF work, I decided to go with the satellite
only IC-910H.

I used my 736 only for the LEO's, RS12/FO-20/29.  I had
desensing while working mode JA on FO20/29 and always heard
digital noise while spinning the main tuning knob around the
bands.  In defense of the 736, my eggbeaters were only spaced
about four feet apart.

I have no such desensing problems on mode JA with the IC-910
nor do I hear any digital noise whatsoever while tuning

On a purely subjective note I firmly believe the receiver in
the 910H is much better than the old 736.


The 910H has more output power for when you need it.
The 910H has a very fine built-in keyer for CW ops.
Powering external pre-amps is as simple as pushing a button on
the 910H.

A separate power supply is required for the IC-910H while the
736 had a built-in power supply.

I have an early version of the 910H I believe;  the s/n is

I have observed no frequency instability of any sort on my
910H nor have I observed any other anomalies.

The frequency readout is very accurate and measured very well
against my HP-8640B frequency generator.

Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones or perhaps Icom has some
Q/C issues to address but I am absolutely thrilled with the
performance of the 910H.

I have a pair of M2 eggbeaters mounted only 4 feet above the
ground and I still work the LEO's thru most of the passes.  I
have an external Icom preamp for the 435Mhz downlink for mode
JA and it performs very well.

I must say, again somewhat subjectively, that operating the
LEO's has been much easier with the 910H as compared to the
results with the 736.

I only wish that the 910H had a six meter module option:-)

I do not regret in any sense buying the IC-910H...I love the

Good luck in making your choice Phil.

                                    73, Joe W2KJ

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