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Re: Traveling to Atlanta AMSAT Symposium

>From: K5OE@aol.com
>>  Doesn't everyone carry mostly 
>>  electronics in their carry-on, using a few misc items of clothing almost 
>>  purely as packing material?  :-)
>On Sunday, 9-Sep-01, I flew home from a weekend trip to Kentucky.  I
>with one-over the shoulder bag and one suit bag--carried both on.  In
these I 
>had an FT-100, a duplexer and SWR meter, a 2 m GP antenna with 3 m of
coax, a 
>3 -element hand-held 70 cm antenna with 1.5 m of coax, a Palm PDA, a Garmin 
>GPS, a 35 mm camera, and a digital camera.  No one asked any questions at
>X-ray booth.  No one paid any attention to me at either end of the journey.  
>I guess when I go to Atlanta next month I better make sure I don't have a 
>toothbrush with a sharp end.

Uh huh!  Well that was then...and this is a whole new "ball game".

Bdale and Bruce are going to test their theories...Jerry and I going to
play it safe.  Do I really want to get a thousand miles from home with
$2,000 worth of gear in hand to be told I cannot bring that "stuff" on
board the next leg of my trip!  In a few months maybe I'll risk it.  Over

BTW I took my carry-on portable 10G rig and an Arrow Antenna (in a pvc
tube) on trips this spring and summer.  Usually not even a question...a
couple times a swipe of the case, another open it and explain.  Well my rig
looks at lot more interesting now with waveguide and UG-141 rigid coax
lines and everything wired together!  You think all those Arrow elements
would make a good weapon...whatever you do don't tell them its an "Arrow"?
No thanks, I'll take the safe way and pre-ship it.

I wish everyone a safe and uneventful trip to Atlanta.


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