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Re: Traveling to Atlanta AMSAT Symposium

"Edward R. Cole" wrote:
> >From: "laura halliday" <marsgal42@hotmail.com>
> >The "heightened security" is approximately the level
> >of security that is customary at airports in most
> >countries. The U.S. has always had notoriously
> >lax airport security.
> >
> >The first time I ever saw flak jackets and submachine
> >guns in real life was at an airport (London Gatwick).
> >I suppose I've lead a sheltered life...
> >
> >Laura Halliday VE7LDH
> Yep.  Been reading the discussion, and wonder if any of you have considered
> the reaction you will get to "ham gear"!  Oh, probably none to a 2m
> "handie" since they will think it a cellphone...anything else???


In the past not too much trouble.  Some checkpoints had me turn stuff on
and some just did not raise an eyebrow.  When I packed stuff I made sure
the electronics stuff could be easily removed and replaced.  I always
assumed I would be stopped and have my bags checked.  I think the key
to get through was not to make anything in the bag look like one of the
FAA test objects 8->.

The most trouble was back in 1989 when I went to the UK for the AMSAT-UK
meeting.  I had alot of electrical/electronic equipment like radios. power
adapters, rechargers, etc.  Going over was no problem but when I arrived
at Heathrow and going through security my bag was brought over to a table
and security started going through it.  They were very interested in a
Sony 2010 of all things.  I had a Temporary UK Ham License from
the Department of Trade and Industry and after security looked at it they
let me go.  This was within an year of Flight 103 blowing up and if
I remember correctly they were on the lookout for exploding radios.  The
Sony 2010 has a clock display and alot of buttons on the front.  I learnt
in later years to run everything off of batteries and cut down on the
converters and rechargers you bring.

See you all in Atlanta.  I am driving because I am also on Vacation
and going to Scranton, PA., Washington, DC, Skyline Drive and other places.
I will be loaded with electronics as I have my Audio Mixer. cables, etc as
well as radio gear and GPS.  I spent the day today rewiring car power so I
can run my new Yaesu 100D as well as my Kenwood D700.  Maybe you can see
my mobile on APRS (or that bright glow to the north 8->).

73 Eric eac@shore.net  WB1HBU
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