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Re: Traveling to Atlanta AMSAT Symposium

 Bdale Garbee writes:

> buy a box of the medium-large clear plastic zip-lock bags 
> to put things in, so they aren't loose in your bags

Nice idea but ...
don't completely seal the zip lock, or else make a small cut in the bag. If 
theres a fair quantity of air in the bag, it expands as the aircraft ascends 
(do they still pressurise at 8000 feet ?). If the bag is sealed, the zip 
locks could pop during ascent necessitating a major insurance claim for a 
change of underwear for everyone sitting nearby. Then you may have to get 
out and walk.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

          So many beautiful girls ..... (sob) so little time
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