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Re: [aprssig] UI Packet formats for Space

> There are 3 UI DIGIPEATERS in space now:   ISS, UO22 and OPAL
> There are 3 others but require PSK modems: AO16, LO19, IO26
> There are 2  more on the launch pad:       PCsat and SAPPHIRE
> There are 2 more manifested for next  year
> + there are 18 Cubesats in work for next spring! (payloads unknwn)

Now, having said that about common UI digipeating formats consider the
following politically incorrect suggestion:

IF PCSAT works.... then.... we will have two 1200 baud UI digipeaters in
space (and ISS) that work identically except for two things:

1) They use different DIGIpeater calls (NOCALL and APRSAT)
2) They are on different frequencies

But, Consider what would happen if ISS (while in DIGIPEATER MODE) would
QSY both the UPLINK and DOWNLINK to 145.825 and would then change its
MYALIAS to the same generic MYALIAS of "APRSAT" as used on PCsat.  THen we
would have the first Amateur Radio constellation of TWO satellites on the
same frequency doing the same thing.  Here are the advantages:

1) Double the access times (12 per day or more)
2) Double HOP DX is possible over a 5000 mile path
3) Users make no hardare or software changes between satellites
4) UPLINKS do not interfere with any other satellites
5) Downlink is busier and may discourage central american intrlopers
   using 145.825 for terrestrial communications
6) Automatic Internet reecive sites simplified by only using one RX

Just a thought.  But for certain, IAW my paper at the 1998 AMSAT
convention, I do encourage ALL SPACE UI digipeaters to consider joining us
on 145.825 so that we can take advantage of constellation flying.
Remember, they do not have to be flown in formation.  APRS works just fine
with having multiple digis in view at the same time.  We do it all the
time on the ground.

If it is a TNC in space, then it can digipeat.  Why not use common
ALIASes, Freqs and formats...

Just a thought.
de WB4APR, Bob

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