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Primestar Dish

Need help in understanding the Primestar Dish.
      I had it mounded in a fixed positiion on top of 2 inch thickwall pvc 
and up 8 feet, was receiving AO-40 sigs weak and noisy but could hear it plus 
some QSOs. I tried to immprove the set up and used a 10 foot tv mast and 
installed a horizontal rotor, which raised the dish to about 12 feet off the 
ground.I have not heard anythink from the beacon nor any activity on the band.
        My big question is how can one tell what the elevation angle is  
using theis offset mount. I've tried perpindicular to the center of the dish. 
Also it looks like 60 degs is the offset angle but have no way to check this 
for pointing to the satellite. I would like to hear any suggestions in how to 
make sure I have the dish pointed at the bird ocrectly in the vertical. 
Thanks, Tom Walker, W4EWB, Samthomaswalker@cs.com
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