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RE: Traveling to Atlanta AMSAT Symposium

Hello Ed

> Been reading the discussion, and wonder if any of you have considered
> the reaction you will get to "ham gear"!  Oh, probably none to a 2m
> "handie" since they will think it a cellphone...anything else???

In the UK I've had my HT placed in the hold on a several occasions. I then
tried an experiment: go through security with the rubber duck removed. Never
had any problem after that.

Further to that, it seemed that there's a threshold at which they figure if
you have that much junk held overtly, you're OK.

IF I take an FT-847 type rig, they figure it must be some sort of
broadcasting equipment and they've never asked me to place it in the hold. I
also put it in a professional looking flight case with foam protection. The
only giveaway is the CW key, where I was ridiculed on one occasion in Geneva
by the security personel!

I've not flown for a month so of course this has changed enormously.

> Please don't suggest checked luggage....they will not cover electronics!

Yes this is an interesting one and one I've been considering how to do this.
I'm considering the Pelican style case myself but they ain't cheap.

73 Howard G6LVB

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