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RE: Kodiak Star Launch 80% GO

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> From: Murray Peterson VK2KGM [mailto:vk2kgm@ihug.com.au]
> Sent: Sat, Sep 22, 2001 22:15
> To: Tom Clark
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Kodiak Star Launch 80% GO
> Hi Tom,
>                 I thought the original calculation for the "Day
> of Creation"
> was about 4006 BC. I hadn't heard of the 4713 BC. Is that the
> exact value or
> do you have an authoritive reference on this?
> Regards,
> Murray Peterson

I can be authoritative on the factoid that 4713 BC is the defined origin of
the JD date sequence. A quick web search showed shows that my statement was
in error by 709 years and that Bishop Usher (a.k.a. Ussher) divined the
epoch of creation as 23 October, 4004 BC. Therefore the earth would appear
to have been created on or about JD 258,962.  And certainly! not the 4006
you also misremembered ;<} For definitive answers see
and http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/Writings/ussher/ussher.html
and http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/Writings/ussher/published_errors.html
but note that the probability of a one year error is indicated in

Personally, not being a believer in Creationism, I have been convinced that
the real date origin date was 4,479,632,174(+/-5) BC if time is counted in
units of current AT seconds. I treat any values smaller  than 4 billion as
having being written in Sanskrit on wet blotting paper.

One subtle difficulty is that back in earlier times, day was MUCH shorter,
and the tidal effects of the moon and sun have been making the
solar-reckoned day get to be much longer, and the rotation speed of the
earth is effected by the circulation of the earth's atmosphere, oceans and
even the molten material in the earth's core. When dinosaurs were living the
day was  around 18 (current, as defined by atomic clocks) hours long. If I
count the passage of time in terms of solar time (i.e. defining one year =
365.25 passages of the sun thru the meridian at noon-time) the total "age"
number would be about 50% larger.

When times/locations are deduced for Biblical and Chinese observations of
eclipses, we have observational evidence that the earth has slowed by ~6
hours in just the past 2000 years; therefore the Reverend Usher's deduced
date of Sunday 23 October 4004 BC must be in error by at least one day.

And I further note that even the last El Nino/La Nina cycle caused a ~2 msec
error in your sundial!

73, Tom

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