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Re: Traveling to Atlanta AMSAT Symposium

>From: "laura halliday" <marsgal42@hotmail.com>
>The "heightened security" is approximately the level
>of security that is customary at airports in most
>countries. The U.S. has always had notoriously
>lax airport security.
>The first time I ever saw flak jackets and submachine
>guns in real life was at an airport (London Gatwick).
>I suppose I've lead a sheltered life...
>Laura Halliday VE7LDH

Yep.  Been reading the discussion, and wonder if any of you have considered
the reaction you will get to "ham gear"!  Oh, probably none to a 2m
"handie" since they will think it a cellphone...anything else???

I am attending MW Update the week before Amsat Symposium and have planned
to take my 10 GHz portable unit that is all nicely packed into Pelican case
that can be carried-on.  I have taken it twice this year and a couple times
was subject to inspection and swiping routines by security.  Guess it looks
suspicious.  BTW, for those that do not know, a Pelican case is a rigid
black plasic case often used by photographers for their equipment.  The US
NAVY and Marines use them for their equipment since they are waterproof to

I'm not even going to try taking it with me.  I will ship it via FedEx to
my hotel in San Jose, and ship it back home from LA the same way.  That
will cost me around $70-100.  Please don't suggest checked luggage.  The
airlines will not reimburse you if they lose it!  That already happended to
me in July when they lost my luggage [both ways] and a new DEM xvtr I
bought at CSVHF in Dallas was stollen out of my bag while they "misplaced"
my bag in Anchorage for two days...they will not cover electronics!  At
least I can get insurance from FedEx.  Flying is caveat emptor ;-)

Because of this I will not bring any ham gear to Atlanta.  Just hope my
reservations aren't cancelled, too!  They are non-refundable and


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