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Re: Traveling to Atlanta AMSAT Symposium

Procedures at various airports are a little different.

After flying this past week, I noticed the following differences compared
to a normal day:

There was no curbside checking of baggage at any airport.

The ticket counter will inform you of items that cannot go through security.
In my case, a pair of nail clippers and a small screwdriver had to be placed
in my checked luggage. These items and any sharp items like knives and
razors must be placed in your checked luggage.

You cannot pass the security gate without a boarding pass. No visitors.

You must show your photo ID along with your boarding pass before they
will let you pass through the security checkpoint.

In one airport, I was asked to empty my pockets and put the contents in
my bag to pass through X-ray.  In another airport, they had us put the
contents in a tray and pass it through X-ray.

In one airport, I passed through the metal detector successfully, but they
used the wand and patted my ankles when the eyelets on my shoes
triggered the alarm on the wand.  In another airport, they did not use the
wand or perform the pat-down.

Often times I have seen security wipe my bag and put the pad in a
machine to analyze the collection, but I did not see this happen in the past
week unless they have a new device in the X-ray conveyor.

The number of passengers on domestic flights was visibly down from any
other week in the year. I found people were much friendlier and very alert
to their surroundings.


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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> for those traveling by plane, here are some of the new directives at the
> airports here in the u.s. just in case you are not aware of them.
> Continuous inspections of persons with hand-wands will occur at the
> checkpoint. Passing through the security checkpoint, all persons will be
> subject to a pat-down or hand wand search.
> No item may be passed around a metal detector unless fully inspected or x-
> rayed (ie... food, drinks, pagers, mobile phones). The only exceptions are
> Diplomatic mail and pouches under seal, and material classified in the
> interests of national security by the U.S. government.
> Knives of any length or description and additional instruments listed
> are not permitted beyond the security checkpoint or into the aircraft
> Cutting instruments of any length, shape, size or function (including, but
> limited to, pocket knives, carpet knives, folding or retractable blades
> regardless of blade length or composition, box cutter knives, X-Acto
> ice picks, straight razors, elongated scissors, "Leatherman tools", or
> Army Knives") are not permitted beyond the security checkpoint. Any items
> meeting these criteria must be tendered in checked baggage. Any items
> confiscated at the security checkpoint will not be returned to the
> Rounded butter knives and plastic knives are permitted for meal service
> not carried through security).
> Needles and syringes are allowed if the passenger also has in their
> possession medication that has a professionally printed label identifying
> medication or a manufacturer's name or pharmaceutical label.
> All baggage will be screened using either EDS (Explosive Detection
> Systems), or by a thorough physical search of each checked bag and its
> contents in the presence of the customer.
> Not only do you have to show a photo ID when you check in at the counter
> and tender your baggage, but the photo ID is also required when you board
> the plane and present your boarding pass.
> And...don't forget...there is no more curbside baggage checkin or off site
> checkin (ie at a parking garage that provides baggage checkin for an
> airline). You will have to take your bags inside the terminal and check
them at
> the counter.
> those of you traveling from europe might want to avoid all this by taking
> atlantic ocean train.
> 73...bruce
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