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Re: AO40 - Rudak

mani3000@tiscalinet.it (Mario A. Natali) writes:

> I got a quick question : on which frequency is AO40 Rudak ?

There's a table included in our RUDAK information pages at


Only the S2 frequencies are currently relevant.  They are 2401.720, 2401.747, 
2401.847, and 2401.867 for the two 9k6 downlinks each on the two RUDAK CPU's.

These are G3RUH-style 9k6 downlinks, so make sure your receiver is in FM mode.

Also, note that the RUDAK downlinks are usually "turned up" only when we're 
actually working with RUDAK, and we typically are working with only one downlink
enabled at a time.  They may be left on at other times (particularly if a 
software load was still in process at the end of the RUDAK schedule for an 
orbit!), but particularly if you're listening when the satellite is not visible
from Colorado, please do not be alarmed if you can't find a downlink signal from

73 - Bdale, KB0G
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