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Re: PCsat launch date

> UTC has been with us for quite some time, and I would think
> that most amateurs are well used to that one. Just listen to WWV,
> don't even need to turn a radio on, that is on www as well.
> However, not all amateurs have yet got the full understanding
> of how UTC and international date line really works.
> Z, as a time designator can then cause a lot of confusion.

Just as another data point, the term "Z"  has also been used for a 
long time (I think since before there even was a UTC)  for weather 
transmissions.  For example, a product from a non-US, non-
military weather site from NZ:                                     
NZAA 211500Z 26007KT 30KM FEW025 12/10 Q1023 NOSIG

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