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Re: 24GHz stuff

>From: Mike Kana <cosmo224@execpc.com>
>Greetings all
>The 2000 proceedings for Microwave Update has some very good articles on
>using surplus 22-23ghz down converters made for digital data links.  IF
>are in the 1 to 3 ghz range and the LO is half the operating frequency.
>A 3456 IF
>would require a 10368Mhz LO source.  Other IF's would call for 11 to
>bricks or possibly use a Qualcomm multiplier fed with a 2.X ghz
>oscillator.  Refer
>to the San Bernadino Microwave Society web page on converting the
>mult as well as other very useful conversion articles.  I think Electro
>(source for those 2.4ghz hair pin filters) was selling harmonic mixers
>at Update
>last year that worked at K band.  Update this year is in Silicon Valley
>is the Eldorado of cool microwave surplus junk.  Im sure K and Ka band
>be well represented at the flea markets.

The units were P-Comm and Ted Buell of TESCO, Dallas was selling them for
$100 at Philly Update.  I bought one at Philly and picked up a second at
CSVHF this year.  The article by W5LUA, Al Ward, who recently made the
first 24G eme contact with Barry, VE4MA, lists several IF, LO combos.  I am
using LO=10,368*2 and an IF of 3456 suing a DEM 3456/144 xvtr.  My DEM
10,368/144 xvtr will serve for the LO.

Probably interesting stuff available at MUD-2001.


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