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Re: PCsat launch date

Hi Bob,
OK, then. I got plenty bites for that one.
Yes there is an ISO 8601, approximately four years old now.
I am pretty sure I was not the last one to find out about that one.
I did not peruse the entire ISO document, when I located it on
the www, but I did not see anything about it replacing the UTC,
or a time line for such replacement. I saw very detailed description
of how it relates to UTC, and the clarification of international
time zones it may offer.
UTC has been with us for quite some time, and I would think
that most amateurs are well used to that one. Just listen to WWV,
don't even need to turn a radio on, that is on www as well.
However, not all amateurs have yet got the full understanding
of how UTC and international date line really works.
Z, as a time designator can then cause a lot of confusion.
The other thing that can cause confusion, is the pronunciation
of the single letter "z", which varies according to speaker.
To be clear, in speech, we must then use the phonetic "zulu",
OOPS, another standard (not) that is not too unambiguous.
Zulu, should take just about the same time as UTC to say, you
can have the milliseconds either side, on a keyboard you save
some with z.
I can not remember what we used for NATO time designation
in 1968, but, no I am not objecting to "z", because it may have
root in military use. It is just not an implemented standard, yet.
73 Jens    ZL2TJT

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Jens Schmidt wrote:
> > Hi Nicolaus,
> > as I understand things, Z appended to a 24 hour time (zulu=zero)
> > is US Military speak for UTC / GMT, - it has no place in international
> > amateur radio, as far as I am concerned.
> > 73 Jens    ZL2TJT
> > AMSAT-ZL #218
> Actually it is an international standard and it has many advantages such
> as taking only 1 character to convey time zone as opposed to 4 (" UTC").
> Just because the US "military" uses it should not taint its use
> by others.
> Bob

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