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Re: UHF Uplink

Hi Al,
I think RH polarization for the uplink is optimum. I have had contact with 
many stations who are using linear polarization, and on all their signals 
is a rather strong QSB noticable which is not on  RH polarization. Just for 
curiosity, DL1RG has reported on his dx record from Berlin to ZL1AOX when 
the sat on both sides was just above the horizon. Then his vertically 
polarized uplink antenna was best.

>Hi All...
>I am wish to know wich is the correct way to uplink in the 435mhz
>range, horizontal vertical RH or LH polarization, I am tring using
>the same antena that I use for reception digital sats UO-22 etc, and
>cant get in with 40 watts from ic-820.
>Thanks for responces.

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