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CQ AO-40 stateside

Hello all,
yeterday (Sept 20) after MA87 the range of AO-40 covered nearly 50% of 
North America. I was expecting many stations to be active. Even the local 
time must have been favorable for many, at least for the retired people. 
Much to my disappointment I could only work WB4FWQ and W3WB, who was a new 
one for me,  and I have heard VE3NPC. I wonder where all the many others 
have been. After one hour at 11.30 pm I gave up and went into bed.

 From the AMSAT-BB I have the impression that more than 100 must be able to 
operate AO-40. Please help me to bring my score on US stations up! However 
I have to confess that I cannot operate through AO40 when the satellite is 
in the west and USA is full in range. The I have big trees between me and 
the satellite and can no more hear the sat.

My count of stations worked through AO 40 is:

Israel 1, Portugal 2, Germany 61, Spain 2, Kirgistan 2, France 4
UK 12, Hungary 1, Switzerland 4, Italiy 11,
Japan 14, Norway 1, Bulgaria 2, Austria 4, Tschechien 3,
Belgium 5, Denmark 3, Netherlands 5, Brazil 2, Sweden 3, Poland 1,
Tukey 1, Canada 3, Australia 4, Hongkong 1, India 1,
USA 15, Southafrica 1.

Reinhard, DJ1KM

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