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Re: PCsat launch date

Actually it's very international. The International Organization for
Standardization (of which Standards New Zealand is a member) published a
standard (ISO 8601) on how to represent times and dates. Z is the
representation for zero hours of offset from UTC. Local time is supposed to
be followed by a plus or minus and the offset in hours and minutes from UTC
for that time zone. They also chose YYYY-MM-DD as the preferred format for
dates in order to avoid confusion between the U.S. and European countries.



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> Hi Nicolaus,
> as I understand things, Z appended to a 24 hour time (zulu=zero)
> is US Military speak for UTC / GMT, - it has no place in international
> amateur radio, as far as I am concerned.
> 73 Jens    ZL2TJT
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> RE78nv

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