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24GHz components


I think the cheapest way to RX on 24GHz is to use an
local oscillator at the lower GHz frequenties and feed
it to an multiplier diode like the BXY.. versions, or
and step recovery diode like HP5082/0180.

The lower GHz frequentie could be 9x lower, something
like 2666 MHz. This is close to 13cm band, and some
13cm LO ideas can be used. 

This multiply diode must be placed in an 24GHz
waveguide together with an mixing diode.
You can use an MA4E841 (Detektor/mixerdiode 24 GHz)
The mixing produkt you can amplify with some BFR34
circuit you can find in the microwave hamdbooks of

Where to find these diode components? 
Look at this site (under RF diodes):

73 de PE1RAH, William


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